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    Secure Document Upload

    Sturgis Bank Protects Your Money and Your Personal Information

    We use industry-leading security protocols to maintain the security and integrity of your private data. The information that you share by using our Secure Document Upload Form is sent directly to the Sturgis Bank offices. You can send us sensitive information like pay stubs or tax returns or documents too large to email such as financial statements or appraisals.

    The process to upload files is easy:

    1. Enter your name, contact details, and the department that should receive your files.
    2. Click the ‘Add Files’ button.
    3. Select all the files from your computer that you want to upload.
    4. After you have chosen the files, click ‘Upload.’ 
    5. When you see all your files, click ‘Submit’ to send your information securely to Sturgis Bank.

    For your convenience, we’ve created several forms you can download to your computer and use to enter your information. Save the completed forms to your computer, and then use the Secure Document Upload Form to return it to the Sturgis Bank team.

    Thank you for partnering with Sturgis Bank. We value your trust in us and uphold our pledge to protect your money and your private information. If you have questions about the upload form or any concerns about our security protocols, please contact us. You can also visit any Sturgis Bank branch office to speak with one of our team members.