Sturgis Bank Travel Notification

Travel Notification

Keep Your Accounts Accessible and Secure When You’re Away from Home

When you’re getting ready for a trip, make sure your to-do list includes taking a few minutes to send a Travel Notification to Sturgis Bank.

Debit Cards

Using your debit card in a new location, especially outside of the U.S., can trigger a fraud alert, and you may end up with a declined charge. Avoid the inconvenience of having to place a call and ask the merchant to rerun your card by filling out our easy-to-use Travel Notification form.

Simply provide your name, the last 4 digits of each debit card number, your contact information, and details about your travels including destination and dates. If you make a purchase during the time and at the location(s) you’ve identified, you’ll skip the hassle (and cost) of calling Sturgis Bank to get the charge approved.

The Sturgis Bank team recommends traveling with more than one form of payment, such as credit and debit cards..

Have questions or concerns about keeping your accounts safe when you travel? Contact our team or stop by one of our local branches.

Credit Cards

To submit a Travel Notification on your Sturgis Bank Credit Card simply login here or through the credit card mobile app:

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