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Sturgis Bank Cash Treasury Management

Cash and Treasury Management Services

Technology Driven Solutions

Maintain your company’s cash flow, get faster access to working capital, and streamline your daily transactions with Cash and Treasury Management Services from Sturgis Bank. We’ll help you get better control of your receivables and payables while protecting your business from fraud. 

ACH Origination

Create electronic payments and deposits for your business through ACH Origination at Sturgis Bank.

Direct Deposit via ACH

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When you use Direct Deposit via ACH, you can deposit funds for company payroll, including direct paycheck deposits to employee-designated accounts. Funds are also available for expense reimbursement, annuity or interest payments. Direct Deposit via ACH includes any credit payment from a business or government entity to a consumer. Financial transactions accumulated throughout the day are batch-processed at day’s end.

Why Use Direct Deposit via ACH?

  • Safeguard funds - no more lost checks in the mail
  • Save time and cost associated with disbursing funds
  • Build employee satisfaction by speeding the accessibility to payday funds
  • Reduce the chance of fraud 
  • Help the environment with fewer paper checks and less transport cost

Direct Payment via ACH

Common types of Direct Payments include Cash concentration and disbursement, Consumer bill payments, and Vendor payments.

ACH payments are electronic, automatic transfers of payments between banks. Direct Payments via ACH are alternatives to cash, check, credit card, or debit card payments. If your company allows customers to set up recurring payments, you can pull money directly from designated accounts. Any Direct Payments via ACH are sent in batches according to a predetermined schedule, usually three times a day during regular business hours. 

Why Use Direct Payment via ACH?

  • Pay lower processing fees compared to charges associated with credit or debit card payments
  • Streamline the payment process for you and for customers across the U.S.
  • Track payments easily through the Sturgis Bank online portal
  • No delays in recurring payments due to expired credit or debit cards 
  • Available to anyone with a U.S. bank account

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to efficiently deposit a check(s) into your business bank account remotely without having to take it to the bank. With Remote Deposit Capture from Sturgis Bank, simply scan a digital image of the check(s) and transmit it electronically to the bank. 

Why Use Remote Deposit Capture?

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  • Improved cash flow and access to working capital:
    • Faster clearing time gives you quicker access to funds
    • On-demand processing 24/7 for your convenience
    • Reduced return-rates
  • Time and cost savings
    • Less money spent on transport
    • Wait time/ transport time eliminated
  • Enhanced security and record-keeping
    • Protection against fraud, duplicate checks, or lost checks
    • Electronic archives let you easily track and search deposit records

Check Positive Pay

With Positive Pay from Sturgis Bank, you’ll reduce the likelihood that an unauthorized check will draw funds from your account. Business customers can easily upload a listing of issued checks through our online business banking portal. As checks clear the account, the Positive Pay system will compare the clearing item information to the listing of issued checks. Any discrepancies will show up on an exception report that you can review and make decisions to pay or return checks.

Why use Check Positive Pay?

  • Lessen the risk of fraud through faster identification of unauthorized checks
  • Reduce errors such as incorrect amounts or incorrect check numbers on valid checks
  • Easily and conveniently make decisions about exceptions, speeding the collection process

For more information about the Cash and Treasury Management Services at Sturgis Bank, contact your local Business Development Office.

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