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Holiday Savings

Holiday Savings

It’s November! The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the most exciting thing is at the beginning of the month Sturgis Bank Holiday Savings accounts were paid out! Yes, the holidays are just around the corner so why not get an early start for the next holidays? Less urgency equals less stress. Putting small amounts away weekly or monthly can really make the difference.  Being present in the moment and creating memories with your people are the things to focus on at this special time of year to fully enjoy celebrating the holiday season. While you’re cozying up with your favorite fall beverage, we’ll tell you about Sturgis Bank’s Holiday Savings account and why it’s useful for you!

Holiday Savings is a short-term savings account offered by Sturgis Bank that is useful for specific savings goals during the winter holidays.

Holiday Savings can be useful for:

  1. Purchasing gifts for friends and family
  2. A special holiday getaway
  3. Household items/personal expenses/ seasonal taxes
  4. Whatever else you want!

Sturgis Bank Holiday Savings can be opened with only $10 and earns interest, so get started saving right away (interest rates are available here.)

Open a Sturgis Bank Holiday Savings Account on your next branch visit or call (888) 255-7372

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