Sturgis Bank Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself

Protect YourselfWith technological advancements from Sturgis Bank as well as mobile phone and computer manufacturers, you have several tools available to protect your accounts and your identity. 

  • Sign up for Banking Alerts. Choose bank alerts when you open an account, and we’ll email or text you when activity occurs on your account that doesn’t align with your spending limits or patterns.
  • Select Paperless Statements. Eliminate the risk of having your bank account information stolen. Choose online, paperless statements. If you decide to stay with paper, be sure to shred statements before recycling or throwing them in the trash.
  • Avoid making debit purchases. Instead, choose the ‘no-pin’ option or buy with a credit card.
  • If possible, choose an ATM in your bank’s network instead of machines in convenience stores or other retail outlets. 
  • Destroy your expired debit and credit cards to minimize the risk of exposing your information to thieves. 
  • Install firewalls, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software on your laptop, computer, and mobile devices. Be sure to update regularly. 
  • When conducting financial transactions online, over your mobile phones, or in a public place on a computer, confirm you’re working with a secured internet network.

Protecting Your Privacy and Your Money

Protect YourselfSturgis Bank will not make unsolicited calls or send texts or emails asking you to provide, verify, or update any of your personal information including:

  • Passwords
  • User Names
  • Debit/Credit card numbers, PINs or security codes
  • Social Security numbers
  • Account numbers

If you receive a suspicious email or call, please contact the Sturgis Bank team or visit one of our local branches. We invest in technology and processes to protect you and your accounts. We are committed to preventing and resolving any fraudulent threats our customers may face.