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Why the Switch to the .BANK Domain?

Why the Switch to the .BANK Domain?

To ensure the most secure online banking experience for our customers, we have recently switched our url from to www.Sturgis.Bank.

"The privacy and safety of our customers’ information is a priority at Sturgis Bank. This switch offers them greater peace of mind when they choose to bank online,” said Rob Beachy, Sturgis Bank's Chief Information Officer.

What is .BANK?

Most internet users are familiar with the common website top-level domains: .COM, .ORG, and .NET, but .BANK is unique.

The .BANK domain was launched in 2015 by fTLD Registry Services, LLC, a group of banking experts from across the globe. Their mission is to ensure a trusted, verified and more secure online banking experience.

Who can apply for a .BANK domain?

Anyone can purchase a .COM domain, but only verified banking community members can apply for the .BANK domain. This verification step stops cyber criminals pretending to be a trusted bank.

"When I began the process of registering Sturgis Bank for a .BANK domain, our HR team received a call from the registrar. They needed to verify that I was an actual employee of Sturgis Bank and was authorized to complete this transaction," Rob added.

How does .BANK increase security?

In order to obtain a .BANK domain, banks must meet specific security requirements.

To learn more, here is a list of the requirements and how they positively impact customers.

Additionally, the fTLD annually checks to make sure organizations continue to meet these requirements.  

What our customers need to know:

When you visit our website, we encourage you to look for the .BANK in our URL. This ensures that you (and your private information) are safe!

We know this transition will take time, so rest assured if you type in, it will automatically redirect to our newly enhanced secure .BANK site.

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